Thursday, September 09, 2004


Waiting for my daughter to get here for lunch. One of the pleasures that come with grown children is to get to see them occasionally. And, it's always a pleasure to see Hannah. She calls and says she's leaving, but the drive from Conway always seems to take too long. I find myself getting nervous and wondering where she is. Has it been thirty minutes yet?

She hasn't been to see me at work since I changed jobs, so I get to tour her around and introduce her to my new co-workers. Then we'll get lunch. Did I mention she made the Dean's list last semester?

Well she finally made it. We went to a new Caribbean restaurant down town called Studio 69. It's owned by Vic Allotey who used to play for the Kansas City Chiefs. Turns out Hannah is a big KC fan and so is her boyfriend. I asked Vic if he would autograph a menu for her and he one-upped me and signed a large photo of himself playing for the Chiefs. Made her day and possibly made dad just a little taller in her eyes. She says that her boyfriend will be quite jealous when he sees it. And, the food was great.

I'm just back from a couple of cold-calls and feeling pretty good. Think I'll finish up the day at the Business Expo going on at Alltel Arena this afternoon.

Life can be good and a daughter's smile can do the trick.

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