Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Everything Old Is New Again...

...sooner or later.

Son1 apparently realized that it's kind of hip to wear old rock and roll t-shirts. I guess I kind of saw that coming since you see kids wearing reproductions of Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin stuff all the time now.

So, he comes to me this afternoon and says, "dad, don't you still have some of those old shirts from when you used to work for rock bands?" To which I replied "probably not any that you'd be interested in wearing."

But, underestimating the persistence of youth, I tossed him down three storage boxes of old shirts from the attic to go through. It's unfortunate that I was a skinny little banty rooster in those days, and most of them don't fit him. But after some deliberation, he chose this...

Pyromania Tour, 1983

Whatcha think? Does it make his ass look too big?

Friday, May 12, 2006

Talk to me...

I don't know who all the little bride has been talking to, but I get at least thirty or forty emails a day from people with strange names like Cialis, saying, "she wants better sex." If it's such a problem, why doesn't she just come to me about it? Dang it, this is embarassing.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lost Souls

See, after about twelve or thirty beers, I start feeling all maudlin and shit and wonderin' whats up with my internet friends. Well, I say friends like I've met them and stuff, but we all know that ain't the case so I'm not really sure what you're supposed to actually call this. Maybe folks that I would like for friends if I actually knew them in real life? Okay, we'll stick with that.

Well, I've kind of corresponded and commented with, listened to his music Bitterman for some time and now he's fallen off the face of the earth. Well, now I know why. He's been too busy building this awesome racing bike.

cafe racer

But, now that it's done, he could write something occasionally...

Then, there's Sandy who turns her blog on and off like a damned string of Christmas lights. Little did I know that she has been busy grilling for the whole neighborhood. I guess whatever it takes to keep busy whilst the hubby is deployed...

chillin' and grillin'

I enjoy reading Tracy, and feel really honored when she stoops to comment on my pathetic little blog. Wondered what could have happened to her and, well, it seems she hit the powerball for some big bucks.

powerball winner, Tracy xTx

So, along with her spiffy new hairdo, she's got sweaty, meaty, construction workers at her house putting in her new guest bedrooms. Looks like they're just about finished:

Tracy's guest bedrooms

Friday, May 05, 2006


I have a tendency to have a crush on whatever woman I'm around at the moment, and it's much the same with the music I listen to. I may tell you that the female vocalist playing on the sound system at any given moment is the best ever...

But nobody and I mean nobody, sings like Ann Wilson.

This series on VH1 has had some great acts on it, but so far none has approached Heart and Friends. I say this only halfway through the show. If this post begins to seem disjointed, it's because I am distracted.

Good Lord. For women in their fifties these girls are still knockouts. Ann is what Greg Beck would call a "hug and chalk," but she still looks great and her performance absolutely knocks my socks off. Thirty years later I still get chills listening to her.

I first heard Heart in seventy-six, before the band became famous. I was hanging with a friend from work and he was playing Dreamboat Annie on the turntable. I remember it was an odd evening because he, for some reason, decided he wanted to "come out" to me that night. One minute he would tell me that he was gay, I would say that's cool, and then he would back up and say he was just kidding. This went on for a couple of hours until I finally told him that I didn't care if he was gay or not, in fact I preferred that he was because then I would know he wasn't competing with me for the girls. And, he was better looking than me.

But I was hooked on the music and bought a copy of the album.

I remember working for Heart in the early eighties and by eighty-three Ann was starting to approach maximum density. I saw her split her black leather pants on stage one night and back-up, up stage, to let a stagehand tape her crotch with black gaffer's tape. She completed that segment of the set and then went backstage to change clothes.

Other than the "classic rock" stations, Heart pretty much fell off the face of the earth in the nineties. But I can't recommend this VH1 special enough. The only thing that would make it better would be to keep the camera plastered on Nancy. 'Specially if she was nekkid...