Friday, September 30, 2016

Beer Snobs. I'm Not Impressed

I believe that beer snobism is a product of the last fifty years, brought on by the advertising industry.  Please prove me wrong.

Why do I think that?  Well, I have so many friends that will only drink one kind of beer.  "Oh, sorry, I only like Miller Lite."  And I kind of relate to that in a sense that you might have a particular beer you're comfortable with.  But when I was a smoker, I realized that in a pinch, you would smoke someone elses' cigarettes, unless of course, you were a menthol smoker, but that's another essay altogether.

I have always just liked beer.  My grandparents started letting me drink Jax or Falstaff by the time I was six years old.  I have pretty much drank Miller High Life since I was in high school.  But I like a lot of different brands and styles of beers.  I don't consider myself a snob.

But like I said, so many friends will only drink one brand.  I just don't think that would have come to pass if the ad industry hadn't told them that it was important to do so...