Wednesday, September 29, 2004


I've known for quite some time that it is impossible to throw away a garbage can. There are possibly two ways to get rid of one. Leave it when you move, and I haven't tried this one but, take a reciprocating saw and cut it into small pieces and put it in another trash can.

But it wasn't until just recently that I learned that you can't throw a dust pan away.

My lovely bride had cleaned up a particularly ugly mess a few weeks ago and decided that she didn't want the plastic dust pan she used for the clean up anymore. She tossed the dust pan in the trash.

Monday is trash day and when I brought the empty trash cans up from the curb, there it was, the dust pan, sitting pretty in the bottom of the trash can. I left it there and over the next week put bags of trash on top of it.

The next monday afternoon was a repeat...a plastic dust pan in the bottom of the trash can.

This time I tossed trash in the bottom of the can, wedged the dust pan between a couple of bags and crossed my fingers.

When I arrived home Monday, there it was, as neat as you please in the bottom of the trash can. The little bride says we should try putting it in a black trash bag.

The last people that lived in our house left the most awful garbage can here. It's tall and thin and tips over really easy. I bought a reciprocating saw at the home center...

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