Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dear Blanche Lincoln

Dear Mrs. Lincoln,

No "opt-in," no "opt-out." No public option, no socialized medicine. This congress has used up all of its credibility lying to us about the healthcare issues and trying to ram down our throats the things we don't want. Vote NO, Mrs. Lincoln, NO.

Insurance companies make obscene profits: Lie, NY Times reports average 2.2%, way down the list under even Clorox bleach in profitability.

People are dying with no insurance: Lie. Healthcare is available to all in any emergency room in the country.

30 million Americans are without insurance: Lie. Your solution is to automatically enroll those that don't want to be part of your government plan.

Stop trying to ruin our healthcare and take a leadership role: Introduce REAL legislation that allows health insurance sales across state lines like auto insurance. Allow non-profit organizations to offer insurance plans to their members. Go after the real greedy villains in this equation: tort reform/loser pays.

Represent Arkansas for a change, Mrs. Lincoln. You made it clear how you really feel about us when you shut out everyone but the public option folks from your so called "on line town hall meeting on health care."