Friday, January 27, 2006

eBay's Back!

I took a couple of years off, basically, from eBay when collectibles kind of tanked after the “panic” of 2000. By 2003 it just got where it wasn’t worth putting anything on for the return on investment.

I started buying on eBay in 1998, and found antique photographs to be severely under-priced. I snapped them up for nearly a year and then it seemed I couldn’t buy them anymore. The prices got too high.

So, I started putting them back out for sale on eBay and ended up turning a tidy profit. There were still lots of bargains out there, you just had to scrounge around odd areas of eBay and look for things that weren’t described right. This turned items like the “pair of brothers in school uniforms” for $50.00 into the Confederate Texas soldier brothers that sold on eBay for $1100.00 in 1999.

If you are industrious, you can root out categories that are still underpriced and buy in them. I’m told by my inside sources that old vinyl records are depressed on eBay right now and a great buy. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about them to pursue that. But I did go through several categories over the past years like coin silver, glass, pottery, coins, and lamps - buying while the buying was good, and selling when it got too high to buy anymore.

And that’s where we seem to be now. I can’t seem to buy a damned thing on eBay now, so I’m going to start putting it out again. If you have any interest, go have a look at my auctions. Just click this link and I’ll see you there!

Friday, January 20, 2006

I smell coffee...

Velociman pines for an old time percolator. I can't say as I blame him.

It's a taste that can't be duplicated elsewise.

I have an old stovetop percolator (in the South, pronounced: purr' cue lay' tur) that I take camping, and it makes a mean pot of coffee over a campfire. Yes, I know the purists say dump it in the pan and toss in some egg shells, but I'm funny this way.

But pictured above, is our fancy-go-to-meetin' percolator.

The little bride found it at a flea market some time back, and it makes a wonderful pot of coffee that never ceases to amaze visitors.

Of course, most have never seen one of these jewels, but old farts like me and V. remember sitting around with the folks, amorning, and drinking coffee from a percolator. Even the sound it makes is friendlier than that awful drip thing on the kitchen counter.

This one is circa 1940's and is trying to emulate a silver coffee set. Notice the tray, creamer and sugar. I didn't dig out the cord because I assume you assumed there is one. There is. It fits to the two prongs on the base. Just like on grandma's iron.

On second thought, I'm going to get the cord out and make me a pot of coffee.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Paris Hilton Shows Off Her New Shoes...

Asked, "where'd ya get those shoes?!" Paris pulled her skirt back for a better peek and blushed, "Overstock dot com, silly. It's all about the 'OH'..."

Saturday, January 14, 2006

See? That's why...

This is why it's a good idea not to ever own a firearm that is registered in your name. Hell, it might even be a good idea to never get a hunting license either. It's why it should never be any business of the government to even know if you own firearms or not.

Finders fee to Bane