Saturday, September 18, 2004

Black Wires

I stared at the wires and drew a blank.

Ever done something many times in the past, go to do it again and can't remember EXACTLY how to do it? That's the way I felt. I had 3 black wires, 3 white wires, one switch and a light fixture.

Then it hit me. The switch has only black connections. I painted one of the white wires coming from the switch black with a sharpie pen and everything made sense.

Today I spent taking down all of the old shelves in the barn loft and then wiring the loft for outlets and lights. Amazingly enough, the lights came on and the outlets work. That's step one towards being able to use the barn loft for storage and...

I have that sweet exhaustion that comes from honest labor, and I have a roast on the grill, veggies on the stove and suppers going to be ready in 10 minutes.

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