Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Boy's Ride

Okay, some of you remember last summer when son1 bought his dream car. Only trouble was, it didn't have an engine, a transmission, tires, and well, lots of things that most of us take for granted. Yeah, he said he was going to save his money and buy all those things and fix it up.

I wasn't really enthusiastic about this plan, knowing that the boy is a lot like me in the procrastination department. And I advised him at the time that he would be better off buying one that was already mostly there, or at least running. Of course he would hear nothing of it. This was, after all, his dream car. And I believe in letting children fail.

So, here we are, the better part of a year later and the only thing he has done to his dream car is install an inner cooler he bought from a junk yard (wtf???)and taken the lenses off of the primered lights. BUT!!!

He did do the saving part.

And, last night he went and bought another car of his dreams with the cash he had saved.


At least this one has an...



Anonymous said...

What happened to the first car? Does he still got that one?

Circa Bellum said...

oh yeah. He still has it. His motivation to get rid of it now is so he can have a space in the garage for the new one...