Thursday, March 16, 2006

Attractive Customers

Not in the usual sense, no.

But, I frequently go to lunch with one of my co-workers. And, both of us having adventurous palates, we like to try new and/or exotic restaurants. Today, we tried out a fairly new sushi bar here downtown, and when we got there the place was empty. In fact, two of the wait staff were standing in the doorway as if to try and flag down passing pedestrians.

So, as we're eating our bento, I notice the place is starting to fill up.

I casually mention that this seems to happen everywhere we go. It seems when we start eating somewhere new, it attracts more customers. As a matter of fact, I told him, restaurants should be willing to feed us for free just to get us to come there and increase their business. He, of course, thought that was a capital idea and I could see that he was thinking about how we could market such a concept.

When it came time to pay, he asked the hostess, "Is it always this busy?"

"No," she said, "today is a lot busier than normal."

I gave my friend a knowing look.

"You should feed us for free," he said.

The hostess looked a little confused as she counted out my change. "Well, I guess people are starting to find out about us," she muttered.

So. If you are in the greater Little Rock area, have a restaurant and would like to see your business grow, leave particulars in the comments section of this post about when and where you will feed us for free.

Our guarantee: you must be completely satisfied with the results of feeding us for free and increasing your business, or we won't eat for free in your restaurant ever again!

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