Thursday, July 06, 2006

The world is a changin'

Now I'm not a tennis fan, so I'm talking about something I know nothing about. And that's not unusual for me. Not that you'd know.

But I'll be danged if they didn't have the Wimbledon match on the televisions at the restaurant where I had lunch today.

And there was a man dressed up like a woman playing against a pretty girl.

This is a man, right?

I think it's sad that this beautiful little waif had to face the humiliation of being beaten by a shemale.

Even as little as I know about it, I'm pretty sure that men aren't allowed to play against women in this tournament. Even ones that dress up like women. Even if they have nice tits. This might be what they call on the internet, a "she-male."

Then, I find out later they let the cross-dresser win. I think they must have French judges at this event.

This, by the way, is my favorite photo of the little darlin'...

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