Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Technologically Challenged

You know, learning how to do things on my computer comes at a dear price, both in time invested and in frustration. And sometimes a little humiliation thrown in for good measure.

For instance, some time back I was led down the primrose path of the "hello" photo uploading and sharing program. It was touted as being the thing for putting your photos on blogger. And I even downloaded the software to my computer to do it.

The trouble with hello is that it's very cumbersome and aggravating to do. See, in order to put more than one photo on a single posting, I would have to upload them individually, and then cut and paste the code from each posting to a single posting and then delete the other posts. At this point in the narrative, feel free to chip in with your, "but you can upload multiple pictures in hello by ..."

Well, it's too late.

This morning, I'm looking at the pics on Sandy's blog, and I notice that she has more than one photo on several of her postings. And, knowing that gal is all about economy, I figure she ain't wasting no keystrokes unneccessarily on this photo stuff. So, I email her with a "what's up?"

Miss Sandy says that she just clicks on the blue thingy, but that's about all she can tell me about that.

A quick search of the blogger pages for blue thingies reveals that in the toolbar of the create post page (a place I would never look) there is indeed a blue thingy that resembles a picture. And, what do you know? When you click on it, it let's you insert as many pictures as you want.

So, to celebrate my new wealth of knowledge, I'm inserting a "watzit." Put on your thinking cap and see if you can figure out what this object is in the photo below:


MrsJoseGoldbloom said...

Hey I know what that is...it's one of those Chinese,japanese, jade,plastic,figurine,paperweight thingys.

Congrats, you've learned yet another piece of the blogging puzzle...blog on wit your bad self! :P

Biff Loman said...

I don't know what that is, but just being in its presence makes me feel more fecund and virile in a Pre-Columbian way, like I should be screaming, "Now, is the time Nug-nug! Quick, fetch me my wives so that I can fill them with many sons!" Of course, I get this way every Wednesday, so. . .

Could it be something from No. 1 Son, a Father's Day gift from 1st-Grade arts and crafts?

Frothmistress said...

It's a blue thingie. What's your point? Gimme it. I need a new earring.