Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Provincial is a term that describes me. I mean, except for occasionally getting mad and boycotting Wal Mart for a few months, I try to do business with Arkansas based companies whenever possible.

I think Burge’s down in Lewisville makes the best ham in the world. Petit Jean Meat Packing Company makes the best sausage and lunch meats and their hot dogs are second only to Nathan’s on Coney Island.

Tyson has some good chicken products and I still boycott Burger King over tossing them the fall on the tainted burgers they served some years back. Folks, assume that hamburger meat has germs. Cook it. Burger King did not cook the meat thoroughly and when people started falling out sick, they blamed it on Tyson.

I kind of went the long way around the block to get to the point that I have tried so very hard to find a good local wine. I really want to find an Arkansas wine that I can be loyal to. Something I can tell my friends about.

All of the products of Post Winery in Altus are too sweet for me. My parents love that stuff and they used to pick it up when they passed through on trips. I’d always receive a bottle of the cough syrup version for Christmas or birthdays. Now you can buy it at Kroger. I have tried most of the varieties available over the last year or so and believe that I’m through trying.

Wiederkehr, also in Altus, seems so promising. I’ve tried several, but am just not getting there. Tonight, I’m drinking their Shiraz, and at first gulp sip, I thought I might have something. Nice bouquet (or bow-kay as they say down here) and a good start on the tongue. But once you swallow, there is a slight bitter taste in the back of the throat and a kind of dry/grit like a persimmon.

For the money, I think Yellow Tail is a good value. Why is it that they can grow the grapes, produce a wine that’s drinkable, bottle it and ship it halfway around the world and sell it to me for less than $8.00, and an Arkansas winery can’t touch it? And costs more?

Anybody recommend a good Arkansas wine?


Nixon Casablanca said...

I don't/can't drink anymore, but when I could, I enjoyed Weidekher's White Zinfandel. I agree with you about Petit Jean, though for hot dogs, Hebrew Nationals still get my vote. If you want some cheese to go with that wine, it's best to move one state west and buy from Watonga. They also make THE BEST BBQ sauce over there, known as Head Country.

Tulip said...

The best bar-b-que suaces come from KS. Hands down, and I am still stuck on California wines. I am a white wine girl myself, I love the sweet dessert wines. From what I understand though, if you cross the border to your north, Missouri has some great wines. My dad used to go there when he still lived in KS to buy from some of the makers there. It was my understanding that they had some very good reds. The wineries they hit were along I-70. I believe there are several good ones.