Sunday, February 27, 2005

Only Temporary

One of my shortcomings is this insufferable curiosity about other people and their lives. Some years back, I stopped in a Subway shop to pick up sandwiches for my family and struck up a conversation with the girl behind the counter.

She began telling me about how awful her life is, how nobody loves her, how everything always goes wrong and how there is no bright vista in sight. She basically explained to me that she is the biggest loser in the world.

I walked away from there feeling really weird about the whole thing. I got home and was still thinking about it while I passed out the food to the peckish clan and took my sandwich out to the front porch to eat and reflect.

About halfway through my meal, I bit my tongue so hard that blood squirted from the corners of my mouth. People like her have a way of rubbing off on you.

Luckily, it’s only temporary.

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Tulip said...

Well, now I have updated, so you can get caught up. It wont be regular until I get my own computer set up, but I promise it will be more often. I miss getting your comments.