Friday, February 18, 2005

Lake of Fire


Is this Mr. Circabellum?


Hi, this is Janie and I’m calling from Bank of America…


Um, what?


Oh, yes. Uh, really. And, uh you’ve been approved for a zero percent

Approved? How am I approved?

Uh, yes, uh, we have to ask some questions about your birthday and stuff and

I don’t ever have to pay this back?

Uh, huh? Um, no, well uh, yes you have to pay it back there’s just no interest. I mean, you can go out and like buy something for a hundred dollars and you won’t have to pay interest. Anyway, all we have to

Oh, so I’m limited only to things that cost one hundred dollars?

Oh no! No, no, no! You’ve been approved for twelve thousand dollars. I mean, you could go out and spend twelve thousand dollars like immediately

Oh, so you’re recommending that I go and spend twelve thousand dollars immediately? I mean, you’re personally suggesting this?

No! No, you’ve misunderstood. No, I didn’t mean that at all. I was only saying that you could spend that much. I mean like if you wanted to or whatever.

Do you have this?

No, I’m like not really with Bank of America. I’m with Dial America. My credit isn’t good enough. But like you could take advantage of this

Dial America? Where is that? Is it in America?

Well, yeah, it’s all over, but yeah we’re in America. I’m actually in Salt Lake city.

Really? Are you Mormon?

Well, yes, actually I am.

Very Cool. Mormon. Very cool.

Yes. I think so. (giggle)

Yeah, Lake of fire. Very cool.

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