Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My children love me.

Ever notice that your kids never invite you out to lunch when they have money? But two days before payday, you're likely to get a call, "Whatcha doin' for lunch, dad?"

I guess I'm having lunch with son1 today...


MrsJoseGoldbloom said...

Hehehe...Don't forget your wallet. :)

Enjoy your lunch with the young one.

Anonymous said...

Oh man...we set our daughter up with her own account and ATM card recently. She's been saving like you wouldn't believe. We are SOO proud of her right?

A few weekends ago she treated her Dad and I to Baskin Robbins after dinner.

We were beyond shocked that this greedy miser of a kid would actually spend her money on us.

2 days later she asked us to buy her a $65 dollar HOODIE which I'm sure you know is a sweatshirt.

I asked her why she just didn't buy it and you know what she said..."That's too expensive for ME but I thought you and Dad would WANT to buy it for'd make me happy."

She followed that sentence up with a cheese eatin' grin and ya know....I DID buy the hoodie...