Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Second Amendment Target in Arkansas

It's official. Dinosaur and I agree that the Second Amendment target should go to Resurgemus in Alaska. I kind of like that we're going through the "a's" first anyway. Arizona, Arkansas, Alaska... So, before I send it off, I thought I would tack it to my barn wall and take a picture of it along with my favorite '03 Springfield.

2nd Amendment Target on its Arkansas stop, touring America.

When it leaves here, it will also include a shot up target from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Firing range that we used this morning. The lucky recipient can choose between a target shot up by a .38 Chief's Special Airweight, or an M1 Garand.

Same rules apply as before, so pass it on!

1 comment:

the real bitterman said...

Now there is a portrait of a serial killer iffin I ever saw one. ;>)

Good on ya, son. The Garand is one fine rifle. Got to shoot one not too long ago that was, up until a few weeks before its unveiling, still packed in Cosmeline......or so I was told.

Good luck with the project.