Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Mountains

Took the refugees to the mountains today. The weather couldn't have been more accommodating. Temperatures in the seventies and perfectly blue skies. We hiked to the bottom of Cedar Falls, a true shock and awe for flatlanders.

Cedar Falls

All were suitably impressed.


Tulip said...

It's been years since I have seen anything that beautiful myself. How far is that from where I reside in Kansas City?

jen said...

Dear Circa,
At my home, we are experiencing a deep sadness that can use the reprieve of community there anything we can send your way to help?

Circa Bellum said...

well, Tulip, I think it's about five hours from you (or so...)

Jen, there's really not much you can do, my family is blessed to still have a home and everything that was in it. Took a quick trip down yesterday and checked things out. Looks like it will be some time before electricity and water are back going. All the more reason to keep 'em here to visit. Thanks anyway.

Billy Budd said...

Bee Oot If UL Place!

Anonymous said...

Flatlanders..hahaha..I used to call North Georgia where the "mountains were"...that is until I moved to Colorado and lived right in clear view of Pikes Peak Mountain...I think those bumps in North Georgia are really called "hills" in comparison... :)

So glad you are enjoying this time with your family and I know you're happy that you can help 'em out like this....that's what families are for though.