Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Live Like A Refugee...

We still have guests and since they're saying that Beaumont won't be safe to return to for possibly weeks, we may have them for some time to come.

I'll have to say that we've been eating well. We're having gumbo tonight, and the larders have been pretty well stocked.

Since these are flatlanders, there's a definite interest in seeing the mountains. We're trying to find time, nestled with my work, to go to the Ouachitas and do some sight seeing.

At least we know their house is okay. God has been good to my family. (thanks!)


Billy Budd said...

Great news!

Tulip said...

I am gald to hear that you and your family are all doing well. My hopes for a speedy return are with them and many other families that have all been seperated from what they know and love. At leaset in your families case they have you to count on. Good families are there for one another in that way. You are a god man.