Saturday, April 09, 2005

Behind Blue Eyes

You know, my man Bane is a favorite read, daily when he’s posting, but I can’t let this go. I’ll be the first to admit that polyester and platform shoes were not/are not attractive.

And the music, while it had a certain naïveté, for the most part sucked. The Bee Gees???? I rest my fucking case. But, bear with me for just a minute.

Aids and HIV had not been invented yet. There may have been genital herpes, but I never knew anybody that had it. Hepatitis B? I guess it existed. Herpes? Well, I knew people with cold sores, but it was so gross, I didn’t kiss them. Everything else could be wrapped up with a shot of penicylin.

What was left? Well, to start, Mexican pot. It took a few joints to get really high, not like the uber weed of today, but was more social, don’t you think? Black tar opium, windowpane acid, cross tops and peyote.

I can’t remember ever being turned down for sex, not that it didn’t happen, I’m sure it did, but the drugs prevented me from remembering it. But, I do remember mucho great sex. And all the girls I knew were on the pill so there was none of that awkward fumbling with latex wall coverings.

The ladies still had the proper amount of hair in all the right places, and I don’t care what anybody says – Patchouli smells sexy and good.

If I had to live with an avocado green refrigerator for the rest of my life in order to re-visit that aspect of the 70’s, I would.

Sorry Bane, there were some things worth saving about the era…


Bane said...

Funny thing is, I mostly agree with your post. You went off the road with patchouli, though. I'd rather fuck a skunk.

ps: Think about Haloscan...

JulieB said...

ha ha ha, memories indeed. lost my virginity in the back of my cousins VW bug.... I remember the weed and sex, thanks. Were you ever in San Jose in the 70's? Did we cross paths at a concert and I don't remember your... face?