Sunday, December 12, 2004

Nobody Cares

Ever been mistreated by a fast-food establishment? I hesitate to use the word restaurant because that somehow implies that the food might be good. While it's pretty much a given that the food isn't going to be world-class (when's the last time you said, "wow, that McDonalds burger was gooood!"?) sometimes for expediency sake you suck it up and do it.

The latest Subway commercials where the guy suggests, "how about going for a it looks so much better in the picture?" hit me a few weeks ago and I decided to try Domino's double stack pizza. Yes, I realize that if you take Ragu sauce and top the cardboard box that Domino's comes in it's actually more tasty than the pizza they make, but this actually looked good on the TV ad.

I called up the local Dominos and after a discussion on the prices and variables was told I could get the first one with two toppings for $9.00 and the second one with any toppings I wanted for just $5.00 more. I specifically asked if that could mean a supreme or whatever they happen to call it and the dude said yes.

When I arrived at the store to try my new gastronomic fantasy, they looked at me like I was an alien from space. One dude came up from the back to try and help and I instantly recognized his voice as the one who answered the phone. When he heard me describe my order he whipped around and skeedaddled back to the kitchen. Then counter dude proceeds to tell me that not only will it take 25 minutes for them to prepare my order (that I called ahead on) but that I was wrong about the toppings on the second pizza and it would cost me twice what I was quoted.

I disrespectfully declined and left with a somewhat sour expression on my face. When I got home I sent a complaint email to Domino's and was told they would definitely look into the incident and get back with me. Three weeks later I responded to the email they sent me that I had heard nothing. I got a second email apologizing for being so inept and promising to get back to me. It's been two weeks since the second email from Domino's and I'm convinced that not only is their food lousey, but they don't care.

Actually I don't know if the new double pizza is bad or not, I never got to try it. But I will assume that it's twice as bad as a single.

The whole incident reminds me of the time Taco Bell served my family tacos with lettuce that had been washed in dishwater. I think the manager called it "product." When I asked him what product was, he said the stuff we wash dishes with. He demanded a receipt before he would replace the bad tacos.

Oh yeah, Taco Bell never responded either.

If you want bad food, poor service, and cleaning chemicals in your diet, be sure to patronize Taco Bell and Domino's Pizza.

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Nixon Casablanca said...

Mmmmmmm! Product! When I crave fast food, I always try to satisfy it during a bad economy. Some of my best fast-food eating occured during the Clitnon years, because even some College grads are working fast food due to a lack of high paying jobs. Now, we've got high school dropouts managing high school students, and none of them seem to grasp the concepts of "reading" "mathematics" or "social interaction", unless its hollerin' at 'dey homeboys' whilst I'm trying to place my order.