Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Son2 and I went to First Assembly's Christmas show tonight. It was the Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

No, really it was. An inventive tale about a couple who inherits the church's Christmas pageant from the overbearing grande dame of Christmas pageants. Determined to make it the best one ever, just to show her, they hold tryouts for principal parts.

What they didn't count on was the Herdmans turning out. The Herdmans are a very large family of the meanest, nastiest, rudest children in the town world. They have no idea who any of the parts in the Christmas story are or how they fit in, only that they want to play the lead roles -- en masse.

To make a not-so-long story not so long, something seems to rub off on the Herdmans during the process and the pageant turns out surprisingly well to everyone's, um, surprise. Even the crabby lady making baked goods in the kitchen says, "I think it's the best Christmas pageant ever..."

The cast was wonderful, the production flawless and we laughed pretty hard through most of it. Problem is, now son2 wants to be a Herdman when he grows up...

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threepdr said...

I've seen Son #2. He is definately Herdman material! For that matter is dad is too!

Merry Christmas!