Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Cruel And Heartless Society

I've been noticing the last few weeks how often I have to show my identification card.  Not that I look young enough to be seriously carded when buying alcohol, but some places have a "card everyone" policy and you no got an ID and you no gonna drink.  Stores often ask to see my ID before I can use my credit card.  If the teller at my bank doesn't recognize me, she won't give me cash back from my deposit if I don't show her my ID with the picture of me on it.  I asked the cop that stopped me what would happen if I didn't have an ID to show him and he said that he'd impound my car and take me to the station until they could sort out who I am.  I've noticed that the post office makes homeless people show a photo ID in order to pick up mail sent general delivery.

And this set me thinking just how miserable it must be in this country to try and live with no means of identification of any kind.  How hard it would be to do the most basic things in this country.  To eat, to drink, to have electricity in your home.  Or running water.  To get a job or even the most basic of government assistance.  What kinds of cruel, heartless people would allow this situation to exist.

It seems kind of hypocritical that there are folks who are willing to drive you to the polls to vote.  But they can't be bothered to pick up poor people with no ID and take them to the Department of Finance and Administration to get an ID card.  I hereby make the offer to anyone living in the Little Rock, North Little Rock area who does not have a valid identification card and has no way or means to get one, that I will personally take them to DF&A and pay the $5 fee for an ID card.

I challenge the Republican Party to offer the same program, nationwide.  Maybe we can show those in need that actions are louder than words, and that we don't care about them only at election time.  Not like some other folks...


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Infinitely Angel said...

I think that it is a ridiculous concept as well... It's the same here in Illinois. You can't really go anywhere anymore without having to get carded for everything. I'm only 22, and one of my three jobs is in a gas station. I completely understand the need to card someone for age restricted products, but EVERYWHERE?!!!?

I mean...really?

Really good suggestion though, and I think you will make some people with little else really happy to finally have some form of identification.

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