Monday, February 26, 2007

The Education Pill

One of the most provocative bloggers out in the webosphere is La Shawn Barber. I admire her common sense approach to everyday problems. And while many of her posts are directed at improving the black community in America, nearly all of her solutions would be beneficial to all races.

Things like, “Get married and build a nest before you have children to give them the best start in life, take responsibility for your own lives and accept the consequences of your actions, and take responsibility for your children’s education…”

The last one really hits home to me, since I still have a child in school.

Haven’t we become a culture of dependence? I mean, don’t we look for someone else to solve our problems because we are too lazy? No?

How about health? How many Americans would rather take medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity than to alter their diet and exercise habits? Why inconvenience yourself when you can take a little pill or get an operation? The good Lord certainly doesn’t want me to do without anything that gives me pleasure.

And, if the pill for your blood pressure or diabetes makes you impotent? There’s a pill for that too!

Yep, we’d rather not teach our children to take responsibility for their sexuality. You wouldn’t want to make anyone feel bad or foolish for getting pregnant in the ninth grade. No, it’s better to have the schools pass out condoms to our children than to expect them to deprive themselves of that pleasure. Especially since we don’t want to deprive ourselves of the pleasures of extra-marital sex. Right?

Which brings me to the most important one of all. The one that most affects our future and that of our children and grandchildren. The schools.

Bane says you shouldn’t send you kids to any school. Public or private. And I’m sure he has a valid point these days. But it shouldn’t be that way, and I think he would agree with me on that.

We’ve proven through forty years of trial and error that throwing money at the problem won’t fix it. Though the unionized teachers are scheming screaming that it will. “Just pay us more to care about your children…”

Isn’t money the little pill for our children’s education?

If we throw more money at the problem, it will get fixed and our children will receive a great education without inconveniencing ourselves. Lord knows, we don’t have time to make sure our kids learn. That’s what we pay the teachers for. Right?

Or not.