Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Do I Know You?

Lately, I've seen on several blogs a reference to pissing people off that you have never met. The internet is good for that.

I found it out shortly after I started buying stuff on eBay. A friend of mine who knew that I used the name"circa bellum" on eBay called me one day. He had been shopping in an antique store here locally.

He told me that some dude came in and was talking with the owner of the store. He said that he was on his way from Ohio to Texas and by the way, did he know of anybody locally that went by the name circa bellum on eBay?

This perked my friends ears up, so he starts listening more carefully.

The store owner shakes his head and says, "no, never heard of him." And, the dude says, "well, that son of a bitch out bids me on everything I bid on!"

When I heard that, I said, "Well, the internet allows me to go beyond just pissing off people on a local scale. It allows you to piss off folks globally!"

And, it does.

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