Wednesday, August 31, 2005

American Tsunami

With things going from bad to worse along the Gulf Coast today and yesterday, I hear that our city may be host to as many as 50,000 refugees. Officials are setting up to receive them at the fair grounds.

The hotels here are already full. Our churches need to open their airconditioned doors and allow these people to come and stay in their carpeted facilities, sleep on the padded pews and eat in the kitchens. Most have full nurseries to accommodate families with small children and many have showers and other facilities to make them perfect shelters for the victims of this terrible disaster. I hope they will show the true love of Christ and open their arms and hearts to these poor people.

But, what is the world's response to our tsunami?

One was to raise the price of oil $3.00 a barrel to record levels.

I don't hear an outpouring of generosity or willingness to help us in our time of need. Or am I just not listening?

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