Saturday, May 14, 2005

Fo’ Shizzle…

Being a perennial late bloomer, I’m always the last to hear about the latest fad. I’m told break dancing is a big deal these days. Imagine my surprise when I discovered blogging some months back.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was familiar with email, and I have known for several years that the internet was a place to buy and sell at auction and to find porn. But a place where you can write whatever your heart desires and people read it? I’m grateful to both of you for reading this, really.

I discovered blogging quite by accident, actually, by doing a google search and getting referred to a blog. I thought, “hmmm, that’s crazy” and bookmarked it to check back later and see what this guy was up to.

I lurked surreptitiously for a few weeks before I decided to check out what it takes to get your own blog. I followed the Blogger links, took a few strokes and created this site which I have been infrequently updating, receiving encouragement from a couple of fainéant fans bystanders leaving comments.

Since this has become a part of my life now, I decided some time back to try and connect with my blogfather, Nixon, and arrange a meeting in real life. This, I accomplished on Friday.

So, we decided by email to meet on neutral territory and went to eat Vietnamese food over in Little Rock. Nixon was fairly easy to recognize even though he tried to throw me off by shaving his beard that morning, so he really didn’t look so much like the photo on his website.

We had an excellent and healthy lunch of spring rolls, lemongrass chicken and Tom Rim (hot and spicy shrimp). All washed down with copious amounts of iced tea and hot green tea. We were lucky enough to have the cute Mongolian girl wait on us instead of the dumpy Fuzhou waitress that brought my appetizer for dessert last week.

All in all a good lunch, getting to know someone personally who you only know through the written word. We joked that we didn’t have anything to say since we both read about each other on our blogs. But somehow we did and the conversation was good.

So, Nixon, glad to know ya! And you, yes that other reader lurking out there, if you’re ever in town, my hizzle is yo’ hizzle.


the real bitterman said...

Neato. Happy endings are nice (most of the time).

Tulip said...

I do not believe I have ever heard the term hizzle.... :) Glad you had a good meeting though. It is always nice to have a new friend.

Nixon Casablanca said...

Props and propogation from the N-I-X-O Nation, off the heezy fo' sheezy, it went down nice and easy, if people ask, I'm gonna tell 'em, hell of a guy? Circa Bellum!

Now tell 'em all who sent ya, comin' straight outta Argenta
Takin' out bugs like a Raid Fogger, and droppin' science on Blogger.


*snicker* Thanks for lunch, man, and we'll do it again!

I shaved the beard as a surprise for the upcoming Grand Finale' of "Arkansas' Biggest Loser" to make the 'final reveal' more dramatic.Plus, I was so ticked I had gained a pound last week, I shaved in hope it would contribute to my weight loss. HA!

Sandy said...

That's cool..I gotta be honest though..I'm kind of scared to meet some bloggers in person..I'm afraid I won't like them. Seriously I think sometimes it might be best to keep the guessing game going..I don't know if I want to spoil things by actually meeting a person. It ain't happened alot but there have been some people that after I've spoken with on the phone that I thought..."what a boring person."

I just don't like disappointment..but your meeting sounded like it went well...