Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Every Living President's Wife

Got my tickets to the Clinton Library Dedication next week and a stunning job of printing they are. I hope that we're able to keep them as mementos when we go. Pray for nice weather as it will be outside.

This, of course, is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and for the city of Little Rock. Every living president, every living president's wife and their children will converge on our city for this event. Dignitaries and luminaries from around the world along with the great unwashed such as me. All will be here to witness the dedication of this facility.

As I go home each afternoon, I see the sign on the top of the library -- 9 more days until opening. The bleachers have been erected in the parking lot out front.

And yes, it does look like a house trailer on stilts. Rumor has it that this was a dig at the people of Arkansas by the architect. I don't know about that, but I'll tell you this: I know of one person for sure who will be at the dedication who never voted for Bill Clinton. Not even once. Not even for Attorney General.

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Nixon Casablanca said...

Dude! I wish I had tickets. Yeah, we all agree it does look like a giant double-wide, and not the "bridge to the 21st Century" it was supposed to be. But hey, Good ol' Huckabee (a fellow church member) lived in a triple-wide, so why not Bill?