Friday, September 30, 2016

Beer Snobs. I'm Not Impressed

I believe that beer snobism is a product of the last fifty years, brought on by the advertising industry.  Please prove me wrong.

Why do I think that?  Well, I have so many friends that will only drink one kind of beer.  "Oh, sorry, I only like Miller Lite."  And I kind of relate to that in a sense that you might have a particular beer you're comfortable with.  But when I was a smoker, I realized that in a pinch, you would smoke someone elses' cigarettes, unless of course, you were a menthol smoker, but that's another essay altogether.

I have always just liked beer.  My grandparents started letting me drink Jax or Falstaff by the time I was six years old.  I have pretty much drank Miller High Life since I was in high school.  But I like a lot of different brands and styles of beers.  I don't consider myself a snob.

But like I said, so many friends will only drink one brand.  I just don't think that would have come to pass if the ad industry hadn't told them that it was important to do so...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Cruel And Heartless Society

I've been noticing the last few weeks how often I have to show my identification card.  Not that I look young enough to be seriously carded when buying alcohol, but some places have a "card everyone" policy and you no got an ID and you no gonna drink.  Stores often ask to see my ID before I can use my credit card.  If the teller at my bank doesn't recognize me, she won't give me cash back from my deposit if I don't show her my ID with the picture of me on it.  I asked the cop that stopped me what would happen if I didn't have an ID to show him and he said that he'd impound my car and take me to the station until they could sort out who I am.  I've noticed that the post office makes homeless people show a photo ID in order to pick up mail sent general delivery.

And this set me thinking just how miserable it must be in this country to try and live with no means of identification of any kind.  How hard it would be to do the most basic things in this country.  To eat, to drink, to have electricity in your home.  Or running water.  To get a job or even the most basic of government assistance.  What kinds of cruel, heartless people would allow this situation to exist.

It seems kind of hypocritical that there are folks who are willing to drive you to the polls to vote.  But they can't be bothered to pick up poor people with no ID and take them to the Department of Finance and Administration to get an ID card.  I hereby make the offer to anyone living in the Little Rock, North Little Rock area who does not have a valid identification card and has no way or means to get one, that I will personally take them to DF&A and pay the $5 fee for an ID card.

I challenge the Republican Party to offer the same program, nationwide.  Maybe we can show those in need that actions are louder than words, and that we don't care about them only at election time.  Not like some other folks...

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Blanche, buh bye...

The sad thing? The people of Arkansas are slow to anger and quick to forgive, they would have put up with almost anything Blanche Lincoln has done over the years to us. But when she lied to us about the health care bill and voted for something that 64% of her constituents screamed, "No, Blanche, No!", she literally threw her political career out of the window. I won't miss Blanche and her dismissive attitude. Next up? Mark Pryor...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dear Blanche Lincoln

Dear Mrs. Lincoln,

No "opt-in," no "opt-out." No public option, no socialized medicine. This congress has used up all of its credibility lying to us about the healthcare issues and trying to ram down our throats the things we don't want. Vote NO, Mrs. Lincoln, NO.

Insurance companies make obscene profits: Lie, NY Times reports average 2.2%, way down the list under even Clorox bleach in profitability.

People are dying with no insurance: Lie. Healthcare is available to all in any emergency room in the country.

30 million Americans are without insurance: Lie. Your solution is to automatically enroll those that don't want to be part of your government plan.

Stop trying to ruin our healthcare and take a leadership role: Introduce REAL legislation that allows health insurance sales across state lines like auto insurance. Allow non-profit organizations to offer insurance plans to their members. Go after the real greedy villains in this equation: tort reform/loser pays.

Represent Arkansas for a change, Mrs. Lincoln. You made it clear how you really feel about us when you shut out everyone but the public option folks from your so called "on line town hall meeting on health care."

Friday, September 18, 2009

Observations on a week the wife is out of town…

The same roll of toilet paper lasts all week.

The covers never have to be turned down in order to get in bed.

That trash really won’t take itself out.

The television in the den actually gets channels other than the Hallmark Network.

There really ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone (it’s rained all week…)

Bachelors apparently only have to run the dishwasher once a week.

You can eat anything you want, but it doesn’t seem as fun as you thought it would.

The kids actually know who you are and want to talk to you.

You find that life starts to be measured in how many days/hours until her return.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Loud and Proud

Sometimes a dinky bumper sticker is just not enough. Some days you just have to get up and scream to the world, "I'm as gay as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore..."

Monday, April 27, 2009

Iris Circabellum

It's hard to imagine, I know, that someone as hip, urbane and profane as my friend Biff would turn me on to something as down to earth, simple and plaintive as Iris Dement. But I had honestly never heard of this wonderful Arkansas girl (a redhead to boot!), and that was a shortcoming on my part for sure. You see, Iris is one of those artists whose work is nothing short of honest and heart-tearing. Of course I developed an immediate and profound crush on her.

Many of you remember the numerous crushes I've had over the past years, but this one is different. And I just had to figure a way to make Iris mine. Well, I'm happy to say after six whole months of intensive amorous pressure, Iris agreed to tie the knot with me and we were married in a simple ceremony in a small undisclosed Nevada town, not terribly far from where she lives. And she's coming back to Arkansas to stay.

Now, I have to figure out how to explain this to the little bride...